The NEW Palladio Enamel Water Jug ~ Various Colours

$20 $29

The patterns of these beautiful bold enamel water jugs are inspired by the murals of the infamous Bar Palladio in Jaipur. I immediately fell in love with this magical place on my first trip to India. I chose three Jaipur significant colours for them - a subtle dusky Jaipur Pink, a bold Palace Blue and a dark Emerald Green.

They are hand painted by artisans in the Kashmir region of India. Matching trays and tumblers are also available. 


 13cm diameter, 19cm tall. 

Materials & Care:

Stainless steel painted with food safe paints. Not dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand in warm water. 

Shipping: International shipping available.
Notes: As these items are all hand painted by artisans, small irregularities might happen  which is the beauty of such handcrafted products and not a fault. 


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