Kashmiri handpainted Candleholder ~ white


These incredible candleholders are hand carved and painted by artisans in the Kashmir region of India. The artisans use traditional methods and patterns to adorn these beautiful unique pieces also known as Kashmiri candleholders. They are kept in white with floral shades of green and pink. We like to keep them in pairs but they are equally pretty on its own. 

Please note that each piece is hand-painted and unique. Small irregularities might always occur and enhance the beauty of this product. The wood is lacquered and might turn slightly yellow after a while, which is completely normal. 

Dimensions: Approx. 24cm tall and 10cm wide 
Materials & Care:


Shipping: International Shipping available.
Notes: Please note that the diameter of these candlesticks is slightly wider than others. Please secure the candle with some wax at the bottom. 


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