Jörg Breuer ~ Heliconia


Jörg Breuer is a German born architect and artist living in Italy and I am lucky enough to call him my father. He is the reason I love bold colours and patterns and he also taught me everything I know about interior design and curating beautiful things. Jörg Breuer is a successful artist specialising in watercolours and mainly painting food, flowers, architecture and landscapes. He painted seven striking original watercolours on his last visit to Singapore and they are available now at The Jungle Emporium. 

This painting, Heliconia, is a bright depiction of this plant native to Singapore. The painting is framed locally in a beautiful subtle gold coloured faux bamboo frame with a striking yellow and white passepartout.

Dimensions: Frame 45cm by 36cm, painting 30cm by 20cm.
Shipping: International shipping available.


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