Botanical Bird Plate ~ various sizes


These incredible plates come from a small family owned business in Jaipur, India. They are handmade from clay by local potters in their studio and afterwards hand-painted by their own talented artisans, which makes every single plate totally unique.

The bird pattern on these plates together with the Verbascum Plant, was first illustrated in Medieval Abbasid manuscripts dating back to the year 1224. The plates are an incredible eye catcher on the table but are equally beautiful as wall plates. 

The plates are available as starter / breakfast plates, dinner plates and large platters which are perfect for serving. 


Starter / Breakfast plate 20cm (8")

Dinner plate 27cm diameter (10.5")

Platter 39cm (15")

Material & Care: Earthenware, hand wash only 
Shipping: International shipping available. Preorders are possible 

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