The Flores Bucket Bag ~ Beige Blue Ikat


The Flores Bucket Bag is made of beautiful woven ikats sourced from different regions of Indonesia. Each piece is totally unique and only available once. This piece is made with matching beige leather and gold hardware. The strap is adjustable.

But what truly sets the Flores Bucket Bag in Beige-Blue apart is its homage to the rich weaving tradition of East Nusa Tenggara. Originating from Ayutopas, this weaving technique is a testament to the skill and heritage passed down through generations. Unlike ikat weaving, Buna weaving boasts a unique process where fabric is coloured first before motifs are intricately tied, resulting in stunningly intricate designs. 

Dimensions: Approx 26cm width x 27cm height, 15 cm width
Material: Silk, lined with organic linen
Shipping: International shipping available.


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